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This registration form is for the Genesis & SNES (Super Nintendo) NHL94 Online league using an internet connection. Due to lag issues, we require you to have a high-speed internet connection. Please make sure to read all of the rules and information regarding setup before submitting. You must also complete the reCAPTCHA game. If you make a mistake and need to update information that was already submitted, you can use the Edit User Profile page under "User Tools", or simply email the info to chaos@nhl94.com. Thanks!

Please remember to check the reCAPTCHA box.

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NHL94 Online User Registration

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Classic '94-2023 Fall - League Registration

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A Team Selection Draft will be held after registration is over.

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*** By submitting this form, you understand that you are responsible for playing all regular season games and playoffs if your team makes it. You also have read and understand the League Rules and Setup. ***

It's our goal to keep this website functional for all visitors. If you would like to leave feedback, want to report a problem, or find incorrect information please email the website team at admin@nhl94.com.

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