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Classic '94 League
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Current League: Classic '94-2023 Fall
Current Level: GENS
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About The Leagues


Welcome to the NHL94Online.com website! We play a North American-based league using Genesis and Super Nintendo emulators. These emulators are played using computers and can connect to servers or other IP addresses that allow users to play head to head in NHL94 (and other games).

The leagues started in Fall 2005. From 16 coaches in our first season to multiple leagues per season, we've already come a long way. The site became database driven in the Spring 2006 Season, allowing users to post scores into the database themselves. We've also since added a stat section, a coach profile page, and lists of all online players for coaches to practice with.

Starting with the Spring 2013 season, we have implemented Save State Stat Extraction to the league. After playing the game, a save state is made of the game, uploaded to the site, and the site will extract game stats for every player on the team (G, A, Pts, PIM, etc.), the team stats (PP, PK, Pass %, SOG, etc.), and the Scoring and Penalty summaries. Throughout the season, you will be able to see who is the top scorer of the league, and who has given up the most goals (for example). You can check these stats under the Stats menu on the navigation bar, under "League Stats".

If you're thinking about joining the league, you can start by reading the Rules and Getting Started pages. Also, getting involved on the forums at NHL94.com is important, as league information is always posted there. Playing practice games against veterans will help the admins recognize you'll be a good asset to the leagues. League registration for the Classic '94 Spring League starts in early February. The Classic '94 Fall League registration starts in late August.

Hope you find your way into an online league!

It's our goal to keep this website functional for all visitors. If you would like to leave feedback, want to report a problem, or find incorrect information please email the website team at admin@nhl94.com.

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