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Confirm coach

This form is used to confirm coaches who are new to the site. It is required that the new coach play a test game with a veteran coach to test their connection before being considered to play in a league. A veteran coach is considered to be anyone who has played in a league before. Once the new coach is confirmed, they will be able to claim their spot on the waiting list for the league that they joined. This page is used by the veteran coach to confirm the new coach. A coach only needs to be confirmed once.

Please enter your User Name and Password. Then choose the coach you are confirming from the drop down list. Hit the Confirm button when finished.

Confirm New Coach

Veteran's Username
Please enter your username.
Veteran's Password
Please enter your password.
New Coach's Name
Please choose the coach you are confirming.
Please choose the game type (Genesis or SNES) the new coach was tested for.

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