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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help new guys with playing NHL94 online, we started making an FAQ's document so you can get on your way to online play easier.

Q: I would like to learn how to play NHL94 online using the emulator, where do I start?

A: You can start by downloading the emulator, and ROM (and Zbattle for Snes) from the downloads section of the homepage. Download whichever version you prefer (Genesis or Snes), and then read through the getting started page. This should be a good start for learning how to play the game online. Feel free to post on the forums with any questions, the community is very helpful!


Q: Where do I go to find games online vs other players?

A: For the Genesis version, we connect to each other through Kaillera servers. The Kaillera client is built into the Gens emulator, and is explained on the getting started page. There is no standard "NHL94 server". Usually guys use a server that has a low ping for both parties. A reasonable ping is one that is under 100ms.

For the Snes version, we connect using Zbattle. Zbattle requires an installation to your operating system, and is separate from the ZSnes emulator. For a good understanding on how to use Znes and Zbattle, please read Matt's great How To Tutorial.


Q: How do I contact guys to play a game?

A: When getting yourself setup to play games online, the best thing to do is post in the forums explaining that you're new and would like to get a few exhibition games in. Someone will usually respond in a short time, and can setup a time to play. When contacting guys to play, an IM (instant message), Email, or PM (post message through the forum) is usually all it takes. Please refrain from bombarding guys with tons of IMs, Emails, asking to play games.


Q: Which Kaillera servers are preferred? Are there any standard NHL94 servers?

A: There is no standard "NHL94 server". Usually guys use a server that has a low ping for both parties. A reasonable ping is one that is under 100ms.


Q: The game freezes as soon as I start a game online, what am I doing wrong?

A: There are a few different reasons for this. The two most common reasons for games not working online are:

1 - The ROM being used isn't the exact same version for both parties.
2 - There is a saved .srm file that needs to be removed.

It's also possible that you're default games directory for the emulator isn't set properly. Another thing you may want to do is update the kaillera.dll file to the anti3d.com kaillera list. This may cause your emulator to not show the "netplay" option.


Q: more to come...


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