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Current League: Et Tu Brute Season 3
Current Level: GENS
Pick A Level:

1 - Anaheimkingraph
2 - All Starsangryjay93
3 - Chicagobrutus
4 - Dallascorbettkb
5 - HartfordMikeGartner22
6 - QuebecFlamingpavelbure
7 - San Josezeppelin55
8 - St. PatsIcestorm NHL94
9 - Vegasdcicon5148
1 - CarolinaSchmidt
2 - CaliforniaSchmidt
3 - Calgarychaos
4 - HamiltonAtomicRaven
5 - Los Angelesaqualizard
6 - MinnesotaLeifErikson
7 - NY Islanderskuefner
8 - Tampa Baycorbettkb
9 - Torontojer_33


Coach Profile

All Stars West
All Stars West
All Stars West
Coach: angryjay93
League: Et Tu Brute Season 3
Current League Information
Level: GENS
Record: 87-9-0
Home: 52-3-0
Away: 35-6-0
Streak: Won 8
Goals For: 580
GF/G: 6.05
Goals Against: 216
GA/G: 2.26
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01AnaheimvsAll Stars13-4 ASW10:07 PM - 6/26Box Score
02AnaheimvsAll Stars5-4 ASW (OT)10:08 PM - 6/26Box Score
03AnaheimvsAll Stars6-2 ANH11:24 PM - 7/1Box Score
04AnaheimvsAll Stars5-0 ASW11:23 PM - 7/1Box Score
05AnaheimvsAll StarsLog a Game--
06CalgaryvsAll Stars5-3 ASW11:42 PM - 6/3Box Score
07CalgaryvsAll Stars10-1 ASW12:16 AM - 6/4Box Score
08CalgaryvsAll Stars5-4 ASW12:15 AM - 6/4Box Score
09CalgaryvsAll Stars5-1 ASW12:15 AM - 6/4Box Score
10CalgaryvsAll Stars6-2 ASW11:41 PM - 6/3Box Score
11CaliforniavsAll Stars11-4 ASW8:57 PM - 6/9Box Score
12CaliforniavsAll Stars4-2 ASW8:58 PM - 6/9Box Score
13CaliforniavsAll Stars7-3 ASW12:44 AM - 6/4Box Score
14CaliforniavsAll Stars4-2 ASW8:59 PM - 6/9Box Score
15CaliforniavsAll Stars7-6 ASW (OT)12:45 AM - 6/4Box Score
16CarolinavsAll Stars5-2 CAR2:33 AM - 7/9Box Score
17CarolinavsAll Stars2-1 ASW (OT)2:34 AM - 7/9Box Score
18CarolinavsAll Stars2-1 CAR12:29 AM - 7/12Box Score
19CarolinavsAll Stars7-4 ASW2:30 AM - 7/9Box Score
20CarolinavsAll Stars2-1 ASW2:32 AM - 7/9Box Score
21ChicagovsAll Stars5-1 ASW2:35 AM - 7/15Box Score
22ChicagovsAll Stars5-4 ASW (OT)2:32 AM - 7/15Box Score
23ChicagovsAll Stars13-1 ASW2:33 AM - 7/15Box Score
24ChicagovsAll Stars4-2 ASW2:34 AM - 7/15Box Score
25ChicagovsAll Stars7-1 ASW2:35 AM - 7/15Box Score
26DallasvsAll Stars7-4 ASW1:21 AM - 6/7Box Score
27DallasvsAll Stars4-1 ASW1:22 AM - 6/7Box Score
28DallasvsAll Stars5-2 ASW1:22 AM - 6/7Box Score
29DallasvsAll Stars7-3 ASW1:20 AM - 6/7Box Score
30DallasvsAll Stars5-3 ASW1:21 AM - 6/7Box Score
31HamiltonvsAll StarsLog a Game--
32HamiltonvsAll StarsLog a Game--
33HamiltonvsAll StarsLog a Game--
34HamiltonvsAll StarsLog a Game--
35HamiltonvsAll StarsLog a Game--
36HartfordvsAll Stars8-2 ASW11:54 AM - 6/22Box Score
37HartfordvsAll Stars5-3 ASW11:54 AM - 6/22Box Score
38HartfordvsAll Stars6-0 ASW11:50 AM - 6/22Box Score
39HartfordvsAll Stars4-2 ASW11:51 AM - 6/22Box Score
40HartfordvsAll Stars5-2 ASW11:52 AM - 6/22Box Score
41Los AngelesvsAll StarsLog a Game--
42Los AngelesvsAll StarsLog a Game--
43Los AngelesvsAll StarsLog a Game--
44Los AngelesvsAll StarsLog a Game--
45Los AngelesvsAll StarsLog a Game--
46MinnesotavsAll Stars7-3 ASW9:10 PM - 6/14Box Score
47MinnesotavsAll Stars5-0 ASW9:10 PM - 6/14Box Score
48MinnesotavsAll StarsLog a Game--
49MinnesotavsAll StarsLog a Game--
50MinnesotavsAll Stars6-3 ASW9:09 PM - 6/14Box Score
51NY IslandersvsAll Stars5-3 ASW9:41 PM - 6/23Box Score
52NY IslandersvsAll Stars9-3 ASW9:43 PM - 6/23Box Score
53NY IslandersvsAll Stars13-3 ASW9:41 PM - 6/23Box Score
54NY IslandersvsAll Stars8-1 ASW9:40 PM - 6/23Box Score
55NY IslandersvsAll Stars4-0 ASW9:42 PM - 6/23Box Score
56QuebecvsAll StarsLog a Game--
57QuebecvsAll StarsLog a Game--
58QuebecvsAll StarsLog a Game--
59QuebecvsAll StarsLog a Game--
60QuebecvsAll StarsLog a Game--
61San JosevsAll StarsLog a Game--
62San JosevsAll StarsLog a Game--
63San JosevsAll StarsLog a Game--
64San JosevsAll StarsLog a Game--
65San JosevsAll StarsLog a Game--
66Tampa BayvsAll Stars13-1 ASW12:15 AM - 7/12Box Score
67Tampa BayvsAll Stars6-5 ASW12:12 AM - 7/12Box Score
68Tampa BayvsAll Stars4-3 ASW12:13 AM - 7/12Box Score
69Tampa BayvsAll Stars6-2 ASW12:13 AM - 7/12Box Score
70Tampa BayvsAll Stars5-2 ASW12:14 AM - 7/12Box Score
71TorontovsAll Stars6-1 ASW1:54 PM - 7/20Box Score
72St. PatsvsAll StarsLog a Game--
73TorontovsAll Stars8-2 ASW1:52 PM - 7/20Box Score
74TorontovsAll Stars5-1 ASW1:55 PM - 7/20Box Score
75St. PatsvsAll StarsLog a Game--
76St. PatsvsAll StarsLog a Game--
77TorontovsAll Stars6-0 ASW1:53 PM - 7/20Box Score
78St. PatsvsAll StarsLog a Game--
79St. PatsvsAll StarsLog a Game--
80TorontovsAll Stars4-3 ASW1:54 PM - 7/20Box Score
81VegasvsAll Stars8-3 ASW2:49 PM - 6/8Box Score
82VegasvsAll Stars5-2 ASW2:49 PM - 6/8Box Score
83VegasvsAll StarsLog a Game--
84VegasvsAll StarsLog a Game--
85VegasvsAll Stars7-2 ASW2:48 PM - 6/8Box Score
86All StarsvsAnaheim9-1 ASW10:06 PM - 6/26Box Score
87All StarsvsAnaheim6-1 ASW11:22 PM - 7/1Box Score
88All StarsvsAnaheim10-0 ASW11:23 PM - 7/1Box Score
89All StarsvsAnaheimLog a Game--
90All StarsvsAnaheim2-1 ASW (OT)10:06 PM - 6/26Box Score
91All StarsvsCalgary9-0 ASW11:24 PM - 7/15Box Score
92All StarsvsCalgary3-2 ASW11:24 PM - 7/15Box Score
93All StarsvsCalgary7-1 ASW11:25 PM - 7/15Box Score
94All StarsvsCalgary4-3 CGY (OT)11:22 PM - 7/15Box Score
95All StarsvsCalgary4-3 CGY11:23 PM - 7/15Box Score
96All StarsvsCalifornia10-2 ASW9:01 PM - 6/9Box Score
97All StarsvsCalifornia4-3 CGS (OT)11:36 PM - 6/9Box Score
98All StarsvsCalifornia17-3 ASW9:00 PM - 6/9Box Score
99All StarsvsCalifornia4-1 ASW11:36 PM - 6/9Box Score
100All StarsvsCalifornia2-1 ASW8:59 PM - 6/9Box Score
101All StarsvsCarolina4-3 ASW (OT)2:36 AM - 7/9Box Score
102All StarsvsCarolina6-5 ASW2:37 AM - 7/9Box Score
103All StarsvsCarolina4-1 ASW2:34 AM - 7/9Box Score
104All StarsvsCarolina8-2 ASW2:35 AM - 7/9Box Score
105All StarsvsCarolina6-2 ASW2:36 AM - 7/9Box Score
106All StarsvsChicago10-1 ASW2:29 AM - 7/15Box Score
107All StarsvsChicago8-1 ASW2:29 AM - 7/15Box Score
108All StarsvsChicago5-3 ASW2:31 AM - 7/15Box Score
109All StarsvsChicago3-2 ASW (OT)2:30 AM - 7/15Box Score
110All StarsvsChicago6-4 ASW2:31 AM - 7/15Box Score
111All StarsvsDallas6-1 ASW12:15 AM - 6/7Box Score
112All StarsvsDallas5-1 ASW11:28 PM - 6/6Box Score
113All StarsvsDallas3-2 DAL12:16 AM - 6/7Box Score
114All StarsvsDallas5-4 DAL12:16 AM - 6/7Box Score
115All StarsvsDallas5-3 ASW12:17 AM - 6/7Box Score
116All StarsvsHamiltonLog a Game--
117All StarsvsHamiltonLog a Game--
118All StarsvsHamiltonLog a Game--
119All StarsvsHamiltonLog a Game--
120All StarsvsHamiltonLog a Game--
121All StarsvsHartford4-1 ASW12:24 AM - 6/22Box Score
122All StarsvsHartford10-2 ASW12:27 AM - 6/22Box Score
123All StarsvsHartford6-1 ASW12:25 AM - 6/22Box Score
124All StarsvsHartford4-2 HFD12:27 AM - 6/22Box Score
125All StarsvsHartford5-1 ASW12:26 AM - 6/22Box Score
126All StarsvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
127All StarsvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
128All StarsvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
129All StarsvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
130All StarsvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
131All StarsvsMinnesotaLog a Game--
132All StarsvsMinnesotaLog a Game--
133All StarsvsMinnesotaLog a Game--
134All StarsvsMinnesotaLog a Game--
135All StarsvsMinnesotaLog a Game--
136All StarsvsNY Islanders9-3 ASW1:38 PM - 6/29Box Score
137All StarsvsNY IslandersLog a Game--
138All StarsvsNY IslandersLog a Game--
139All StarsvsNY IslandersLog a Game--
140All StarsvsNY IslandersLog a Game--
141All StarsvsQuebecLog a Game--
142All StarsvsQuebecLog a Game--
143All StarsvsQuebecLog a Game--
144All StarsvsQuebecLog a Game--
145All StarsvsQuebecLog a Game--
146All StarsvsSan JoseLog a Game--
147All StarsvsSan JoseLog a Game--
148All StarsvsSan JoseLog a Game--
149All StarsvsSan JoseLog a Game--
150All StarsvsSan JoseLog a Game--
151All StarsvsTampa Bay7-2 ASW11:36 PM - 7/9Box Score
152All StarsvsTampa Bay5-2 ASW11:46 PM - 7/9Box Score
153All StarsvsTampa Bay10-1 ASW12:18 AM - 7/10Box Score
154All StarsvsTampa Bay8-3 ASW11:57 PM - 7/9Box Score
155All StarsvsTampa Bay3-1 ASW12:26 AM - 7/10Box Score
156All StarsvsTorontoLog a Game--
157All StarsvsSt. PatsLog a Game--
158All StarsvsTorontoLog a Game--
159All StarsvsTorontoLog a Game--
160All StarsvsSt. PatsLog a Game--
161All StarsvsSt. PatsLog a Game--
162All StarsvsTorontoLog a Game--
163All StarsvsSt. PatsLog a Game--
164All StarsvsSt. PatsLog a Game--
165All StarsvsTorontoLog a Game--
166All StarsvsVegasLog a Game--
167All StarsvsVegasLog a Game--
168All StarsvsVegasLog a Game--
169All StarsvsVegasLog a Game--
170All StarsvsVegas8-4 ASW2:50 PM - 6/8Box Score

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