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Current League: Genesis Summer Draft League
Current Level: GENS
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1 - AtlantaCoachMac
2 - BuffaloIcestorm NHL94
3 - Calgarychaos
4 - Chicagobrutus
5 - Dallascorbettkb
6 - DetroitBuc
7 - HartfordMikeGartner22
8 - Los Angelesaqualizard
9 - Minnesotaflatcrusher
10 - NY RangersLupz27
11 - PhiladelphiaChefstar88
12 - QuebecspaceGhost9
13 - San JoseAtomicRaven
14 - Tampa BayJackandjose
15 - Vegaskingraph
16 - WinnipegSeamor
17 - Washingtonangryjay93


Coach Profile

Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets
Winnipeg Jets
Coach: Seamor
League: Genesis Summer Draft League
Current League Information
Level: GENS
Record: 5-40-0
Home: 3-19-0
Away: 2-21-0
Streak: Lost 12
Goals For: 75
GF/G: 1.66
Goals Against: 195
GA/G: 4.34
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01AtlantavsWinnipeg7-2 ATL10:38 PM - 5/20Box Score
02AtlantavsWinnipeg2-1 ATL10:39 PM - 5/20Box Score
03AtlantavsWinnipeg4-1 ATL10:40 PM - 5/20Box Score
04AtlantavsWinnipeg4-3 ATL10:40 PM - 5/20Box Score
05AtlantavsWinnipeg7-2 ATL10:39 PM - 5/20Box Score
06BuffalovsWinnipegLog a Game--
07BuffalovsWinnipegLog a Game--
08BuffalovsWinnipegLog a Game--
09BuffalovsWinnipegLog a Game--
10BuffalovsWinnipegLog a Game--
11CalgaryvsWinnipegLog a Game--
12CalgaryvsWinnipegLog a Game--
13CalgaryvsWinnipegLog a Game--
14CalgaryvsWinnipegLog a Game--
15CalgaryvsWinnipegLog a Game--
16ChicagovsWinnipegLog a Game--
17ChicagovsWinnipegLog a Game--
18ChicagovsWinnipegLog a Game--
19ChicagovsWinnipegLog a Game--
20ChicagovsWinnipegLog a Game--
21DallasvsWinnipeg7-2 DAL8:47 PM - 5/24Box Score
22DallasvsWinnipeg4-2 DAL9:02 PM - 5/24Box Score
23DallasvsWinnipeg8-1 DAL9:13 PM - 5/24Box Score
24DallasvsWinnipeg5-1 DAL8:24 PM - 5/24Box Score
25DallasvsWinnipeg6-0 DAL8:35 PM - 5/24Box Score
26DetroitvsWinnipegLog a Game--
27DetroitvsWinnipegLog a Game--
28DetroitvsWinnipegLog a Game--
29DetroitvsWinnipegLog a Game--
30DetroitvsWinnipegLog a Game--
31HartfordvsWinnipeg4-2 HFD8:53 PM - 5/21Box Score
32HartfordvsWinnipeg3-1 WPG8:16 PM - 5/21Box Score
33HartfordvsWinnipeg3-1 HFD8:16 PM - 5/21Box Score
34HartfordvsWinnipeg3-2 WPG (OT)8:50 PM - 5/21Box Score
35HartfordvsWinnipeg4-0 HFD8:52 PM - 5/21Box Score
36Los AngelesvsWinnipegLog a Game--
37Los AngelesvsWinnipegLog a Game--
38Los AngelesvsWinnipegLog a Game--
39Los AngelesvsWinnipegLog a Game--
40Los AngelesvsWinnipegLog a Game--
41MinnesotavsWinnipegLog a Game--
42MinnesotavsWinnipegLog a Game--
43MinnesotavsWinnipegLog a Game--
44MinnesotavsWinnipeg4-1 MIN5:27 PM - 5/24Box Score
45MinnesotavsWinnipegLog a Game--
46NY RangersvsWinnipegLog a Game--
47NY RangersvsWinnipegLog a Game--
48NY RangersvsWinnipegLog a Game--
49NY RangersvsWinnipegLog a Game--
50NY RangersvsWinnipegLog a Game--
51PhiladelphiavsWinnipegLog a Game--
52PhiladelphiavsWinnipegLog a Game--
53PhiladelphiavsWinnipegLog a Game--
54PhiladelphiavsWinnipegLog a Game--
55PhiladelphiavsWinnipegLog a Game--
56QuebecvsWinnipeg2-1 QUE9:55 PM - 6/28Box Score
57QuebecvsWinnipegLog a Game--
58QuebecvsWinnipegLog a Game--
59QuebecvsWinnipegLog a Game--
60QuebecvsWinnipegLog a Game--
61San JosevsWinnipegLog a Game--
62San JosevsWinnipegLog a Game--
63San JosevsWinnipegLog a Game--
64San JosevsWinnipegLog a Game--
65San JosevsWinnipegLog a Game--
66Tampa BayvsWinnipeg6-3 TB10:42 PM - 5/20Box Score
67Tampa BayvsWinnipeg3-2 WPG (OT)10:43 PM - 5/20Box Score
68Tampa BayvsWinnipeg5-2 TB10:43 PM - 5/20Box Score
69Tampa BayvsWinnipeg6-2 TB10:44 PM - 5/20Box Score
70Tampa BayvsWinnipeg3-2 TB10:44 PM - 5/20Box Score
71VegasvsWinnipegLog a Game--
72VegasvsWinnipegLog a Game--
73VegasvsWinnipegLog a Game--
74VegasvsWinnipegLog a Game--
75VegasvsWinnipegLog a Game--
76WashingtonvsWinnipegLog a Game--
77WashingtonvsWinnipegLog a Game--
78WashingtonvsWinnipegLog a Game--
79WashingtonvsWinnipegLog a Game--
80WashingtonvsWinnipegLog a Game--
81WinnipegvsAtlanta4-0 ATL10:41 PM - 5/20Box Score
82WinnipegvsAtlanta3-0 ATL10:41 PM - 5/20Box Score
83WinnipegvsAtlanta6-1 ATL10:41 PM - 5/20Box Score
84WinnipegvsAtlantaLog a Game--
85WinnipegvsAtlantaLog a Game--
86WinnipegvsBuffaloLog a Game--
87WinnipegvsBuffaloLog a Game--
88WinnipegvsBuffaloLog a Game--
89WinnipegvsBuffaloLog a Game--
90WinnipegvsBuffaloLog a Game--
91WinnipegvsCalgaryLog a Game--
92WinnipegvsCalgaryLog a Game--
93WinnipegvsCalgary4-3 CGY (OT)10:18 PM - 6/23Box Score
94WinnipegvsCalgary3-2 CGY10:20 PM - 6/23Box Score
95WinnipegvsCalgary4-1 CGY10:20 PM - 6/23Box Score
96WinnipegvsChicagoLog a Game--
97WinnipegvsChicagoLog a Game--
98WinnipegvsChicagoLog a Game--
99WinnipegvsChicagoLog a Game--
100WinnipegvsChicagoLog a Game--
101WinnipegvsDallas6-2 DAL10:46 PM - 5/20Box Score
102WinnipegvsDallas7-4 DAL10:45 PM - 5/20Box Score
103WinnipegvsDallas6-2 DAL10:46 PM - 5/20Box Score
104WinnipegvsDallas4-0 DAL10:47 PM - 5/20Box Score
105WinnipegvsDallas8-2 DAL10:47 PM - 5/20Box Score
106WinnipegvsDetroitLog a Game--
107WinnipegvsDetroitLog a Game--
108WinnipegvsDetroitLog a Game--
109WinnipegvsDetroitLog a Game--
110WinnipegvsDetroitLog a Game--
111WinnipegvsHartford4-2 HFD10:49 PM - 5/20Box Score
112WinnipegvsHartford3-1 HFD10:48 PM - 5/20Box Score
113WinnipegvsHartford3-0 HFD10:49 PM - 5/20Box Score
114WinnipegvsHartford4-1 HFD10:48 PM - 5/20Box Score
115WinnipegvsHartford3-1 HFD10:49 PM - 5/20Box Score
116WinnipegvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
117WinnipegvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
118WinnipegvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
119WinnipegvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
120WinnipegvsLos AngelesLog a Game--
121WinnipegvsMinnesota5-4 MIN (OT)5:39 PM - 5/24Box Score
122WinnipegvsMinnesota6-2 MIN6:10 PM - 5/24Box Score
123WinnipegvsMinnesota5-3 MIN6:20 PM - 5/24Box Score
124WinnipegvsMinnesota6-0 MIN5:48 PM - 5/24Box Score
125WinnipegvsMinnesota1-0 WPG (OT)6:00 PM - 5/24Box Score
126WinnipegvsNY RangersLog a Game--
127WinnipegvsNY RangersLog a Game--
128WinnipegvsNY RangersLog a Game--
129WinnipegvsNY RangersLog a Game--
130WinnipegvsNY RangersLog a Game--
131WinnipegvsPhiladelphiaLog a Game--
132WinnipegvsPhiladelphiaLog a Game--
133WinnipegvsPhiladelphiaLog a Game--
134WinnipegvsPhiladelphiaLog a Game--
135WinnipegvsPhiladelphiaLog a Game--
136WinnipegvsQuebecLog a Game--
137WinnipegvsQuebecLog a Game--
138WinnipegvsQuebecLog a Game--
139WinnipegvsQuebec2-1 QUE10:10 PM - 6/28Box Score
140WinnipegvsQuebec4-3 WPG (OT)9:35 PM - 5/21Box Score
141WinnipegvsSan JoseLog a Game--
142WinnipegvsSan JoseLog a Game--
143WinnipegvsSan JoseLog a Game--
144WinnipegvsSan JoseLog a Game--
145WinnipegvsSan JoseLog a Game--
146WinnipegvsTampa BayLog a Game--
147WinnipegvsTampa BayLog a Game--
148WinnipegvsTampa BayLog a Game--
149WinnipegvsTampa BayLog a Game--
150WinnipegvsTampa BayLog a Game--
151WinnipegvsVegasLog a Game--
152WinnipegvsVegasLog a Game--
153WinnipegvsVegasLog a Game--
154WinnipegvsVegasLog a Game--
155WinnipegvsVegasLog a Game--
156WinnipegvsWashingtonLog a Game--
157WinnipegvsWashingtonLog a Game--
158WinnipegvsWashingtonLog a Game--
159WinnipegvsWashingtonLog a Game--
160WinnipegvsWashingtonLog a Game--

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Division Standings
San Jose28290056.0
Tampa Bay26360052.0
Los Angeles16170032.0
New York1570030.0
Winnipeg5400010.0Playing As

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