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Classic '94 League
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Current League: Classic '94-2015 Fall
Current Level: GENS-A
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1 - DetroitSicarius Fulgur
2 - Los Angelesangryjay93
3 - NY Rangerszeppelin55
4 - TorontoIcestorm NHL94
1 - Buffalobrutus
2 - Edmontoncanadiensfan66
3 - Pittsburghkingraph
4 - VancouverEA
1 - BostonDepch
2 - CalgaryLupz27
3 - Montrealsmozoma
4 - New JerseyPlabax
1 - ChicagoEvan
2 - DallasZalex
3 - PhiladelphiaVocally Caged
4 - QuebecUncle Seth


Coach Profile

Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Kings
Coach: angryjay93
League: Classic '94-2015 Fall
Current League Information
Level: GENS-A
Record: 33-7-0
Home: 17-3-0
Away: 16-4-0
Streak: Won 7
Goals For: 252
GF/G: 6.30
Goals Against: 128
GA/G: 3.20
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Zero(0) Games left to satisfy Checkpoint ( ) by Jul. 23rd, 2019.

01BostonvsLos Angeles6-3 BOS8:07 PM - 11/13Box Score
02BuffalovsLos Angeles6-0 LA12:45 AM - 10/29Box Score
03BuffalovsLos Angeles8-2 LA12:46 AM - 10/29Box Score
04CalgaryvsLos Angeles11-4 LA12:11 AM - 11/4Box Score
05ChicagovsLos Angeles11-0 LA11:30 PM - 10/28Box Score
06DallasvsLos Angeles2-0 LA9:28 PM - 11/12Box Score
07DetroitvsLos Angeles6-5 LA10:36 PM - 10/30Box Score
08DetroitvsLos Angeles5-4 LA10:35 PM - 10/30Box Score
09EdmontonvsLos Angeles6-5 EDM10:07 PM - 10/21Box Score
10MontrealvsLos Angeles4-2 LA9:08 PM - 11/10Box Score
11New JerseyvsLos Angeles6-3 LA1:59 PM - 10/17Box Score
12NY RangersvsLos Angeles8-4 LA3:02 PM - 10/17Box Score
13NY RangersvsLos Angeles11-3 LA3:02 PM - 10/17Box Score
14PhiladelphiavsLos Angeles3-1 PHI2:43 PM - 11/14Box Score
15PittsburghvsLos Angeles13-2 LA12:07 AM - 10/29Box Score
16QuebecvsLos Angeles9-5 LA10:28 PM - 11/18Box Score
17TorontovsLos Angeles3-2 LA (OT)9:46 PM - 11/18Box Score
18TorontovsLos Angeles8-1 LA9:46 PM - 11/18Box Score
19VancouvervsLos Angeles8-3 LA10:07 PM - 11/3Box Score
20VancouvervsLos Angeles7-3 LA9:58 PM - 11/3Box Score
21Los AngelesvsBoston3-0 BOS8:08 PM - 11/13Box Score
22Los AngelesvsBuffalo4-0 LA12:45 AM - 10/29Box Score
23Los AngelesvsCalgary13-5 LA12:11 AM - 11/4Box Score
24Los AngelesvsChicago4-3 LA11:16 PM - 10/28Box Score
25Los AngelesvsDallas4-3 DAL9:28 PM - 11/12Box Score
26Los AngelesvsDetroit5-4 LA (OT)10:34 PM - 10/30Box Score
27Los AngelesvsDetroit8-3 LA10:35 PM - 10/30Box Score
28Los AngelesvsEdmonton4-3 EDM10:06 PM - 10/21Box Score
29Los AngelesvsEdmonton5-2 LA10:06 PM - 10/21Box Score
30Los AngelesvsMontreal4-1 LA9:09 PM - 11/10Box Score
31Los AngelesvsNew Jersey8-5 LA2:00 PM - 10/17Box Score
32Los AngelesvsNY Rangers7-6 LA3:01 PM - 10/17Box Score
33Los AngelesvsNY Rangers7-3 LA3:01 PM - 10/17Box Score
34Los AngelesvsPhiladelphia5-0 LA2:44 PM - 11/14Box Score
35Los AngelesvsPittsburgh13-6 LA12:07 AM - 10/29Box Score
36Los AngelesvsPittsburgh6-5 LA (OT)12:07 AM - 10/29Box Score
37Los AngelesvsQuebec6-5 LA10:28 PM - 11/18Box Score
38Los AngelesvsToronto6-4 LA9:47 PM - 11/18Box Score
39Los AngelesvsToronto8-3 LA9:47 PM - 11/18Box Score
40Los AngelesvsVancouver4-2 VAN10:18 PM - 11/3Box Score

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