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2014 Fall Classic League Champs
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Classic '94 League
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Current League: Classic '94-2015 Spring
Current Level: GENS-A
Pick A Level:

1 - Buffalozeppelin55
2 - Detroitbrutus
3 - MontrealDepch
4 - Pittsburghangryjay93
5 - Quebecsmozoma
6 - TorontoVocally Caged
7 - WinnipegTomKabs93
1 - Bostonkingraph
2 - Calgaryhokkeefan2
3 - Dallasswos
4 - Los Angelescanadiensfan66
5 - NY Rangersscribe99
6 - St. Louiskgman01
7 - VancouverSicarius Fulgur


Welcome to the Online NHL94 Leagues!

Welcome to NHL94 Online.com!

Hello, and welcome to the website! If this is your first time here, please read on. The leagues on this website use emulators on computers to play the classic hockey game NHL94 online against people mostly from the North America. If you are interested in the league, please read the About page. Please note that this website will be hosting more than just the Classic '94 Leagues in the future.

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March 2, 2015

'94 2015 Spring Classic League Registration

Spring Classic Registration has started. You can join by filling out the Registration form here. The registration period will end Monday, March 16th. This league has a 40 game season, ending in a playoff, using the original Genesis and SNES ROMs. The league is divided into sub-leagues by skill level, with the A league for veterans, and the B league for intermediate and beginner coaches. We normally have 12-14 coaches per sub-league. Newcomers and veterans are all welcome to join. We will be holding a Team Selection Draft after registration is over.

February 18, 2015

Genesis Draft League XII Begins

The 12th season of Genesis Draft League has begun. Please select the league from the league drop down, and click on your team's name in the left navbar to view your schedule. The league checkpoints are listed on the right hand side of this page. Good luck to all the coaches!

October 20, 2014

'94 2014 Fall Classic League Begins

Fall Classic league has begun. Each team's 40 game schedule can be accessed from the left navigation bar found on most of the site's pages. Make sure that Classic '94-2014 Fall is selected from the League Selection drop down, then choose your league level in the left nav bar (GENS-A, GENS-B, or SNES). Click on the team name to view the schedule. It is important to read this thread as it contains all the information you need to know about the league. League checkpoints will be listed on the right side of the main page.

October 6, 2014

'94 2014 Fall Classic League Team Selection Drafts

Please see the following threads on nhl94.com for the Fall Classic Season Team Drafts:

Genesis League Team Draft
SNES League Team Draft

Fall Classic Registration ended on October 4th. Any coaches who missed the registration window, or those who registered but still have yet to play a test game, will be put on the Waiting List and have the opportunity to be used as a replacement coach throughout the season. A confrimed test game is still required to be eligible as a replacement coach, so please post in the forums for assistance.


League Checkpoints

GDL XII Blitz 10 Classic
4/5: 42 GP 4/6: 6 GP 4/6: 16 GP
4/12: 49 GP 4/13: 12 GP 4/13: 24 GP
4/19: 56 GP 4/20: 18 GP 4/20: 32 GP
4/27: 24 GP 4/27: 40 GP
5/4: 30 GP
5/11: 36 GP
5/18: 44 GP

Latest 10 League Scores

6-3 WPGWinnipegvsDallas12:46 AM - 5/5
5-4 QUE OTQuebecvsSt. Louis7:37 PM - 5/4
5-4 QUESt. LouisvsQuebec7:37 PM - 5/4
4-2 STLQuebecvsSt. Louis6:54 PM - 5/4
5-4 MTLTorontovsMontreal12:29 PM - 5/4
10-3 MTLTorontovsMontreal12:29 PM - 5/4
10-5 MTLMontrealvsToronto12:28 PM - 5/4
8-1 TORMontrealvsToronto12:28 PM - 5/4
5-4 QUE OTDallasvsQuebec9:46 AM - 5/4
4-3 DAL OTQuebecvsDallas9:46 AM - 5/4

League Downloads
These are files used for all Classic '94 leagues.
**Updated March 2nd, 2015.**

GENS Downloads
Gens Package (Emulators, Kaillera DLL, ROMs)
Gens 2.14 (Emulator Only)
Gens-netplaysave.exe (Emulator Only)
kailleraclient.DLL (DLL Only - For P2P Online Play)
Gens Default NHL'94 (ROM Only)
Classic League NHL'94 Playoff ROM (99 Min OT)
SNES Downloads
Snes Package (Emulator & ROMs)
ZSNES 1.42 (Emulator Only - v1.42 with Netplay Enabled)
Snes Default NHL'94 (ROM Only)
Classic League NHL'94 Playoff ROM (99 Min OT)
Hamachi (for GENS&SNES)
LogMeIn Hamachi Installer (Unmanaged version for Windows)

Note: The Gens Package comes with both the regular Gens emulator and the Netplay version. The Netplay version allows you to save states during online games. These saves are used to log games in stat leagues.

Both Gens and SNES Packages include the original NHL'94 ROM and the 99 Min OT Playoff ROM.

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