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2013 Fall Classic League Champs
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Classic '94 League
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Current League: TDL Season 2 Elite
Current Level: GENS-E
Pick A Level:

1 - Bostonskeletor
2 - BuffaloGretzkyonacold
3 - Los AngelesWittgenstein
4 - NY RangersPerfect Plabax
5 - Philadelphiakingraph
6 - PittsburghLABS_66
7 - St. LouisIcestorm NHL94
8 - WashingtonVocally Caged


Welcome to the Online NHL94 Leagues!

Welcome to NHL94 Online.com!

Hello, and welcome to the website! If this is your first time here, please read on. The leagues on this website use emulators on computers to play the classic hockey game NHL94 online against people mostly from the North America. If you are interested in the league, please read the About page. Please note that this website will be hosting more than just the Classic '94 Leagues in the future.

You may also want to check out the Rules, Getting Started, and FAQ pages to help answer the more common questions.

Please check out the NHL '94 Community Forum at NHL94.com. You can discuss anything about the game and hockey in general, find out the best line combinations for each team with "Building Lines with AJ" and "Oilers442's Book of Epiphanes", find out what the differences are between the Genesis and SNES versions and more with "Bo Knows Everything!", download modified ROMs and learn how to hack and make your own version of the game, and find out more about other online '94 leagues!


February 24, 2014

Genesis Draft League XI and NHL '94 Gentlemen's Club Leagues

2 leagues have just started up on NHL94online.com, one with a long history and one with a fresh new idea!

Genesis Draft League XI, a league using the original '94 ROM, holds a draft before every season. It takes a 56 game season to determine who makes it to the playoffs. This is one of the most storied online leagues in '94 history, bringing the best players around to face off in a 24-team league. Can the 2-time champion Swos win back-to-back championships? You can read more about the league and its history in the GDL forum.

NHL '94 Gentlemen's Club is a new league with only 8 coaches, where the original '94 ROM is used. Coaches chose teams in the beginning of the season, and play through most of the season using the original rosters. There is a new twist though; a little over half the season through, there will be a trade intermission where a brief draft will be held to pick up some free agents from unused teams, and trading amongst coaches will be allowed as well. This could help some teams pick up some more firepower to help propel them into the playoffs, or fill in big holes in their defense. For more information, you can check out the thread here.

November 23, 2013

2013 Fall Classic League Playoffs

The playoffs have begun! You can access the Playoffs page by clicking "Playoffs" on the Navigation Bar.

Classic '94-2013 Fall League Playoff Information
Playoffs Page

Please access the Playoff Information thread linked above for important information. We will be using 99 minute OT ROMs for the playoffs, due to stat keeping requirements (included in the Gens or SNES Complete Package). You can download the ROMs in the Downloads section on the bottom right of this page. Good luck to all coaches who made the playoffs!

September 25, 2013

2013 Fall Classic League Begins

Teams have been assigned, and schedules have been released. If you were a confirmed coach, you have been assigned a team in one of the leagues. There are five 40 game leagues (GENS-A, GENS-B, GENS-C, SNES-A1, SNES-A2) and three 20 game leagues (GENS-D, SNES-C, SNES-E). Please see this post for details.

Those interested in playing can still sign up using the registration page. Once you are confirmed (your online setup works and has been tested by a veteran coach), you will be eligible to be used as a replacement coach. Replacement coaches are needed throughout the season. Those of you who signed up, but didn't get a chance to be confirmed are already on this Waiting List. Please get confirmed as soon as you can! Good luck and lets hope for another successful season!


TDL Season 2 Checkpoints:

July 20 - 14 GP
July 28 - 1st Trade Deadline
August 18 - 28 GP
August 25 - 2nd Trade Deadline
September 15 - 42 GP

Latest 10 League Scores
| GENS-E |

10-2 PHIBuffalovsPhiladelphia11:29 PM - 9/7
5-2 BUFPhiladelphiavsBuffalo11:07 PM - 9/7
14-3 STLBostonvsSt. Louis10:39 PM - 9/4
7-2 STLSt. LouisvsBoston10:39 PM - 9/4
10-2 STLSt. LouisvsBuffalo10:04 PM - 9/4
8-6 STLBuffalovsSt. Louis10:03 PM - 9/4
11-3 PHIBostonvsPhiladelphia12:11 AM - 9/3
10-3 PHIPhiladelphiavsPittsburgh12:08 AM - 9/3
13-6 PHIPittsburghvsPhiladelphia12:08 AM - 9/3
5-4 BUFBuffalovsBoston11:59 PM - 8/31

League Downloads
These are files used for all Classic '94 leagues.
**Updated August 4th, 2013.**

GENS Downloads
Gens Package (Emulators, Kaillera DLL, ROMs)
Gens 2.14 (Emulator Only)
Gens-netplaysave.exe (Emulator Only)
kailleraclient.DLL (DLL Only - For P2P Online Play)
Gens Default NHL'94 (ROM Only)
Classic League NHL'94 Playoff ROM (99 Min OT)
SNES Downloads
Snes Package (Emulator & ROMs)
ZSNES 1.42 (Emulator Only - v1.42 with Netplay Enabled)
Snes Default NHL'94 (ROM Only)
Classic League NHL'94 Playoff ROM (99 Min OT)
Hamachi (for GENS&SNES)

Note: The Gens Package comes with both the regular Gens emulator and the Netplay version. The Netplay version allows you to save states during online games. These saves are used to log games in stat leagues.

Both Gens and SNES Packages include the original NHL'94 ROM and the 99 Min OT Playoff ROM.

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