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Classic '94 League
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Current League: Classic '94-2017 Fall
Current Level: GENS-A
Pick A Level:

1 - Bostonbrutus
2 - Buffalocorbettkb
3 - Calgaryaqualizard
4 - Chicagokingraph
5 - Detroitzeppelin55
6 - WinnipegLupz27


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Playoffs Log A Game - Classic '94-2017 Fall League

This is to be filled out after you have completed a playoff game. Please choose a save state to upload. Save states will have either end in a .gs (Genesis), or a .zs (SNES), followed by the save state number slot (NOTE: ZSNES save state slot 0 will end in .zst). After choosing the save state, choose your name from the list, enter your password and hit the "Upload" button. This will upload the file and extract the stats used for the league.


GENS-A Level

Round 2 - Game 2


Buffalo Chicago

This game has been uploaded and submitted correctly.

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