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Current League: SNES Puck Dynasty S4
Current Level: SNES
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Fenty FangoCoach
1 - BirminghamFank009
2 - Calgarytylerdeanhill
3 - CincinnatiJackandjose
4 - CzechoslovakiaBlackDevil19
5 - Michiganbrutus
6 - NY Raiderschaos
Bingo BangoCoach
1 - DenverXCing1030
2 - Houstonannatar
3 - IndianapolisBoKnowsNHL94
4 - Minnesotac4outlaws
5 - Ott CivicsBobKudelski26


Coach Profile

Minnesota Fighting Saints
Minnesota Fighting Saints
Minnesota Fighting Saints
Coach: c4outlaws
League: SNES Puck Dynasty S4
Current League Information
Level: SNES
Record: 39-17-0
Home: 17-11-0
Away: 22-6-0
Streak: Won 1
Goals For: 325
GF/G: 5.82
Goals Against: 235
GA/G: 4.21
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Zero(0) Games left to satisfy Checkpoint ( ) by Oct. 20th, 2018.

01BirminghamvsMinnesota7-1 MIN8:27 PM - 2/16Box Score
02BirminghamvsMinnesota5-3 MIN8:28 PM - 2/16Box Score
03CalgaryvsMinnesota4-3 CGY9:56 PM - 2/16Box Score
04CalgaryvsMinnesota9-6 MIN9:56 PM - 2/16Box Score
05CincinnativsMinnesota6-1 MIN9:03 PM - 2/21Box Score
06CincinnativsMinnesota7-3 MIN3:35 PM - 2/24Box Score
07CzechoslovakiavsMinnesota7-3 MIN6:33 PM - 2/18Box Score
08CzechoslovakiavsMinnesota6-3 CZE6:34 PM - 2/18Box Score
09DenvervsMinnesota9-8 MIN10:43 PM - 2/23Box Score
10DenvervsMinnesota8-6 DEN10:44 PM - 2/23Box Score
11DenvervsMinnesota8-7 DEN10:45 PM - 2/23Box Score
12DenvervsMinnesota11-6 MIN10:45 PM - 2/23Box Score
13HoustonvsMinnesota6-3 HOU2:21 PM - 2/25Box Score
14HoustonvsMinnesota7-3 HOU2:22 PM - 2/25Box Score
15HoustonvsMinnesota6-3 HOU2:19 PM - 2/25Box Score
16HoustonvsMinnesota6-5 HOU (OT)2:18 PM - 2/25Box Score
17IndianapolisvsMinnesota6-3 MIN12:46 AM - 3/21Box Score
18IndianapolisvsMinnesota5-4 MIN12:46 AM - 3/21Box Score
19IndianapolisvsMinnesota7-5 MIN12:47 AM - 3/21Box Score
20IndianapolisvsMinnesota7-3 IND12:48 AM - 3/21Box Score
21MichiganvsMinnesota4-1 MIN12:19 AM - 2/14Box Score
22MichiganvsMinnesota5-1 MIN12:18 AM - 2/14Box Score
23NY RaidersvsMinnesota5-1 MIN11:29 PM - 2/23Box Score
24NY RaidersvsMinnesota3-2 MIN11:28 PM - 2/23Box Score
25Ott CivicsvsMinnesota9-5 MIN10:25 PM - 2/20Box Score
26Ott CivicsvsMinnesota5-3 OTC10:28 PM - 2/20Box Score
27Ott CivicsvsMinnesota7-6 OTC10:26 PM - 2/20Box Score
28Ott CivicsvsMinnesota2-0 MIN10:27 PM - 2/20Box Score
29MinnesotavsBirmingham10-1 MIN8:27 PM - 2/16Box Score
30MinnesotavsBirmingham7-4 MIN8:28 PM - 2/16Box Score
31MinnesotavsCalgary6-5 MIN (OT)9:57 PM - 2/16Box Score
32MinnesotavsCalgary7-4 MIN9:56 PM - 2/16Box Score
33MinnesotavsCincinnati4-0 MIN9:03 PM - 2/21Box Score
34MinnesotavsCincinnati7-0 MIN3:36 PM - 2/24Box Score
35MinnesotavsCzechoslovakia8-4 MIN6:34 PM - 2/18Box Score
36MinnesotavsCzechoslovakia4-2 CZE6:34 PM - 2/18Box Score
37MinnesotavsDenver8-2 MIN10:43 PM - 2/23Box Score
38MinnesotavsDenver6-3 MIN10:45 PM - 2/23Box Score
39MinnesotavsDenver8-7 MIN (OT)10:46 PM - 2/23Box Score
40MinnesotavsDenver13-8 MIN10:44 PM - 2/23Box Score
41MinnesotavsHouston6-2 HOU2:19 PM - 2/25Box Score
42MinnesotavsHouston4-3 HOU2:21 PM - 2/25Box Score
43MinnesotavsHouston3-2 MIN2:23 PM - 2/25Box Score
44MinnesotavsHouston6-2 HOU2:19 PM - 2/25Box Score
45MinnesotavsIndianapolis7-4 MIN12:46 AM - 3/21Box Score
46MinnesotavsIndianapolis8-5 MIN12:47 AM - 3/21Box Score
47MinnesotavsIndianapolis5-4 IND (OT)12:48 AM - 3/21Box Score
48MinnesotavsIndianapolis8-4 MIN12:48 AM - 3/21Box Score
49MinnesotavsMichigan7-3 MIN12:19 AM - 2/14Box Score
50MinnesotavsMichigan9-8 MIN (OT)12:19 AM - 2/14Box Score
51MinnesotavsNY Raiders11-0 MIN11:29 PM - 2/23Box Score
52MinnesotavsNY Raiders6-5 MIN11:28 PM - 2/23Box Score
53MinnesotavsOtt Civics3-2 MIN (OT)10:27 PM - 2/20Box Score
54MinnesotavsOtt Civics9-2 OTC10:28 PM - 2/20Box Score
55MinnesotavsOtt Civics8-4 MIN10:26 PM - 2/20Box Score
56MinnesotavsOtt Civics4-3 MIN (OT)10:27 PM - 2/20Box Score

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